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Boys Tennis

BOYS TENNIS WEEKLY PLAN:  MAY 3rd thru MAY 7th, 2021

BOYS TENNIS WEEKLY PLAN:  MAY 3rd thru MAY 7th, 2021

Mon:  Practice---Aux Gym--- 5 to 6:15

Tues:  Practice---330 to 530---ROCK RIVER PARK

WED:  Practice---330 to 530--- ROCK RIVER PARK--- Parent Meeting After Practice

THURS:  Practice---330 to 530--- ROCK RIVER PARK

FRIDAY:  MONROE----Bus leaves at 2:30---- get out of class at 2:15pm

If you have any questions Contact Coach DeRubeis


Google Classroom Code

All players and managers must review the tennis philosophy and complete the player info sheet/consent form. To view these items, please log in to Google Classroom and enter the code: nyhb6sx

1.  Login into your Google account.

2.  Go to Google Apps

3.  Click on more at the bottom of the page.

4.  Google classroom should be on the next page.

5.  Click on Google Classroom.

6.  Click on the Plus sign at the top right corner and apply code.

7.  Read the Team Philosophy, Complete Team Contract, and Complete Apparel Order by Due Date: 4-14-21

These items must be taken care of as soon as possible. All items must be submitted prior to the first day of practice. Thank you!

Mike  DeRubeis

Mike DeRubeis

Head Coach

Phone: 920-563-7811 ext. 1191