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Dance top & pants, ordered by coaches, bring check for the item(s) you need


Please order One Red one black!


Bodysuit - please order in BLACK. 

Boy Shorts

Please order in black, black volleyball shorts would also work if you'd rather order those.

Cheer Shoes

Please order a pair of all white cheer shoes, we prefer Nike, Addidas, or Nfinity brands. If you're looking to fly Nfinity evolution/vengeance, or Nike scorpion would be great choices.

FAHS Team Store

Please order your rain jacket and Red Bow from this store.

FAHS Poms YouTube

This will bring you to our Youtube page. Every cheer & dance you will need to know for the year is on here.

Optional Team Rep Gear

There are 3 options, and none of them are required to be purchased. Please read all options and prices carefully. Jacket's with the "FA" on the left chest will be embroidered. The jacket with the gray sleeves will have the "blackhawk poms" graphic screen printed. We encourage family members & friends to choose between 2 options - the Affirm & Artillery jackets, as the third option (Deviate/Determination jacket) will be a uniform warm up jacket provided by the booster club. We would prefer not to have anyone but actual members have this jacket for that reason. If a poms member does choose to purchase one for themselves to keep, they will be asked to wear that at games, and will not be issued one from the coaches.

2017 Football Poms Squad

Poms Update

Hello All! 

We are so excited to officially announce the FAHS POMS Squad for the 2020-2021 Season! 


Football Squad                              Basketball Squad 


-Elly Scheuerell                              -Elly Scheuerell                        

-Olivia Martin                                 -Olivia Martin

-Bryanna Duddeck                         -Bryanna Duddeck

-Hailey Harris                                 -Gwen Hirtz

-Carrigan Walter                            -Analise Erb

-Baylee Floerke                             -Analiese Walter

-Gwen Hirtz                                   -Ava Kleman

-Analise Erb                                  -Nora Nelson

-Analiese Walter                           -Brooke Shuppe

-Ava Kleman                                 -Alison Olszak

-Nora Nelson                                -Lauren Haas

-Brooke Shuppe                           -Makenna Croson

-Alison Olszak                              - Baylee Floerke 

-Andrea Olszak                            - Kate Andrews 

-Sydney Ketterman                      -Andrea Olszak

For those that make the team:
Please look to the lists/links to the left for ordering necessary team gear PURCHASE FROM THESE LINKS ONLY. Your daughter will need to purchase:
-Rain Jacket
-Red Bow
-Black Bodysuit
-White Cheer Shoes
-Black boy shorts
-Red & Black Pom
-Hawks sparkly dance shirt $60
-Dance Pants $50
BOLD items will be ordered by the coaches. Please bring a check for bold items to FAHS Poms to the parent meeting
From the team, each girl will receive as a uniform piece (NOT TO KEEP):
Black cheer top
White cheer top
Pom Bag
Red Pullover Jacket